The Truth About Success - Jill Coletti Books

The Truth About Success - Jill Coletti Books

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The Truth About Success is a book collaboration by twenty-five women from Canada, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, and even Poland!

The success stories in this book range from overcoming loss & heartache, to finding & stepping into your authentic self, to single motherhood & parenting with a deployed spouse, to healing through medical trauma & scary diagnoses.

From coaches, to stay at home moms, to medical professionals, PhD holders and beyond, the words of these authors will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, inspire you to believe that you were made for more.

Written by:
Meggan Larson
Forward by Martha Krejci

Additional contributors:
Koreen Chandler
Jill Coletti
Megan Dale
Lauren da Silva
Debbie Sue Dean
Lynn Eads
Jo Pronger Faulkner
Tobi B Feldman
Jenna Herrig
Faye Ellen Hartzell
Christianna Johnson
Rachel Kuehn
Natasha Loohuys
Cynthia Mae
Angela Newhouse
Greta Olechno
Natalie Rodriguez
Debbie Rothe
Rosilah Sani
La Sheonda Sanchez
Carolynn Sauer
Dawn Shannon
Anna Stager
Rachel Tibold